Private clients

The past few years have been a time of constant change and challenge for the High-Net-Worth individuals, families and family businesses having international presence. Both national and international legislations have been continuously amended resulting in the dramatic change in regulations and unprecedented development of information disclosure.

While this rapid change leads to uncertainty and even fear, it also sets the new tasks and goals our clients have to adapt to. Agreeing local tax and regulatory requirements with the international rules governing foreign structures and bank accounts creates an important and continuous task for High-Net-Worth individuals and their families. Moving on blindly is no more an option. Legal requirements and regulatory consequences must be considered at any time. 

MP Part will support you in handling various tax and legal issues including:

  • dealing with anti-offshorization legislation;
  • planning for and handling of various international tax matters;
  • elaboration and implementation of private wealth solutions;
  • structuring asset holding vehicles;
  • execution and supervision of various private equity projects.

We follow our clients’ needs and work close with them to implement the solution bringing best possible results and fitting into the clients’ individual goals, facts and circumstances.