International taxation

International tax planning is standardly associated with cross-border taxation of international business activities as well as private assets located and operating in more than one jurisdiction. This is an area dominated by tax treaties and international tax legislation. Recent years have demonstrated unprecedently fast pace of legislative change in this area, including introduction of massive anti-avoidance measures and practices and development of information disclosure.

National laws and practices are also moving in the globally set direction towards restraining the abuse of tax benefits provided for by the bilateral or multilateral tax treaties and increasing transparency and tax control. Compliance with international tax regulation is imperative for international structures, but tax compliant planning can still be implemented.

MP Part will support you by providing advisory and execution services in the field of international tax matters whether it is limited to understanding taxation of your investment portfolio, foreign company or cross border transaction or restructuring the asset holding, investment and operational structure. Our offer follows the complexities of the clients’ actual situations and may include:

  • analysis of the tax structure and implications for existing or planned asset portfolios
  • assessing the individual and corporate tax residency situation and implications associated with identified tax status
  • analysis of the applicability of the international agreements in the field of taxation
  • elaborating of the tax complaint cross-border asset or operational structure

We will gladly assess your tax situation from the international perspective viewpoint to work out the most suitable tax compliant solution answering your needs and objectives.