Real estate

Acquisition of real estate is often an integral part of the relocation process. Real property in a foreign state can be a necessity, an investment or both. Families might choose to buy real estate to be privately used by its members as a vocational property or as the main home in a new country of residence. It could also serve as an approved investment for migration purposes. Whatever the case, it is an asset that you will frequently meet in a family portfolio. 

Residential properties are normally privately owned, but professionally managed or serviced. The huge benefit of using independent professionals to handle this type of asset is opportunity to enjoy the property without a hassle of spending time, effort and attention on all types of issues it generates.

We offer assistance in:

  • search for and acquisition of real estate properties;
  • administration of cash flows for the service, utilities, insurance, tax and duties;
  • management of rental arrangements;
  • supervising of technical service agreements.

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