Compliance services


National legislations of the former Soviet states currently undergo considerable changes aligning the legislation to the international transparency and tax collection standards. The new tax and regulatory rules being introduced may considerably influence the reporting obligations applicable to tax and currency residents of the affected states. Compliance to these obligations requires consistent attention, time and knowledge. Outsourcing to professionals ensures quality execution, time efficiency and helps to minimize possible liability for non-reporting or improper reporting. 

MP Part can support in assessing the impact of the national and international legislation on your personal compliance obligations. Our diagnostic health check will reveal the areas of concern and provide you with a preliminary compliance action plan.

We offer a broad range of services in line with our clients’ needs and circumstances, including:

  • advisory and information support in relation to the applicable compliance obligations;
  • administrative support with completion of certain form, declarations and returns in form and substance required by the applicable tax and currency rules;
  • supervisory services over the on-going actions in line with the accepted compliance strategy.

We are happy to discuss your individual needs to help you find the most cost- and time-efficient solution to meet your administrative and statutory compliance responsibilities.