General compliance strategy

In the current legislative environment administration of individual’s tax and compliance matters requires considerable time, effort and knowledge as well as continuous attention and control on the side of the taxpayer. Not only it consumes a lot of time and energy, but it also appears to be new to most of the taxpayers as they did not have this experience in the past. 

The owners of foreign assets and accounts, in additional to imminent issues of management of their assets, have to resolve a wide range of questions relevant to compliance matters and reporting on their properties and income. These questions come from the national legislations imposing extensive reporting obligations over the taxpayers, as well as from the international legislation providing for the various rules to be followed or taken account of by the owners of the assets located outside of their national states. These (to name the least) are BEPS action plan (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting), CRS (Common Reporting Standard), FATCA (Financial Account Tax Compliance Act), various AML (Anti Money Laundering) initiatives and many others. 

MP Part offers a complete solution to our clients in elaborating, administering and supervising of the individual compliance strategy. Our services allow our clients to free their mind and time for essential matters and to have their compliance matters to be resolved in due time and in a manner, which is professional and based on their individual facts and circumstances. Our offer extends beyond the pure reporting obligations to guarantee continuous support in any and all compliance matters that might be relevant to our clients. We offer professional handling of:

  • coordination and maintenance of the individual compliance plan;
  • coordination of various compliance requests from the banking and other financial institutions;
  • creating and continuously updating the client’s individual “KYC” (know your client) file;
  • supervising and administration of the compliance with the applicable reporting obligations

We are happy to follow our clients’ needs to ensure that the whole range of their compliance matters is professionally handled, their reporting obligations are timely and duly met and the important compliance information is centralised and kept safely.