Trusts can help clients to manage complex family wealth. But who manages the trust? Administration is the core aspect of the trust structure and includes protection, management and distribution of assets, ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations and due consideration of the settlor’s wishes in administering the structure for the benefit of the beneficiaries. 

It is, therefore, important that a responsible administrator (trustee) is selected to manage and support the structure. Determining who will administer the trust is as important as the decision to set up the structure itself. It is a key decision and should be based on many factors among which the comfort of the settlor and the perspective beneficiaries is not the least.

MP Part services in trust administration include:

  • acting as a professional trustee or co-trustee of the trust (Our values added); 
  • acting as a protector of the trust;
  • working with off-shore trustee as a trust advisor to ensure the needs of the settlor or beneficiaries are well respected.