Real estate structuring

Real estate is a frequent and highly valued asset in the portfolio of wealthy individuals and their families. Yet structuring of real estate investment can be very complex. Acquisition and holding of real properties require carefully consideration and planning. In many cases a specific real estate holding company or investment fund structure can be recommended and prove advantageous. The reasons might be asset protection, ownership succession, liability limitation and many others depending on the individual property and the jurisdiction where the asset is located. Structuring property ownership through legal entities or non-corporate structures may also assist in administrative matters associated with maintenance and/or the commercial use of real estate. It might finally serve as an efficient tool in migration planning and management in a highly mobile world we live in. 

MP Part can support in real estate structuring and administration to ensure our clients receive professional and user-friendly services related to acquisition and management of real properties. We will work closely with your estate brokers, advisors and investors to deliver the best-suited, accurate and time-efficient solution. We assist in:

  • elaborating acquisition scenarios and their implementation;
  • escrow agent and financing arrangements;
  • establishment and supervision of real estate holding structures;
  • on-going supervision and administration of real estate operations;
  • full-range advisory, incorporation and administration support in relation to Swiss property holding entities.