Foreign companies

Legal entities incorporated outside of the beneficial owner’s state of residence may serve an efficient wealth-management vehicle as they may help to integrate and consolidate the assets, attract and pool investors, mobilize financing opportunities, facilitate entering new markets, ensure investment and re-investment flexibility and otherwise grow across international borders. 

The selection of the most suitable jurisdiction and the legal form of a foreign company is a significant exercise in international wealth structuring. The matters to be considered are numerous, including operational activities to be performed, structure of assets, human and material resources, tax position and tax agreements in force, asset protection opportunities, specific business requirements and many others depending on the nature of business and the structure to be implemented. Navigating between various opportunities is a challenging yet a rewarding task if it results in efficient and healthy company structure.

Switzerland offers itself as an attractive jurisdiction for holding, commercial and private investment companies due to moderate taxation, excellent business infrastructure and reasonable regulations. 

MP Part will support in any aspect of planning, structuring and supervision of business or asset holding activities through foreign companies. We will assist in selection among the jurisdiction options available as well as with the choice of the right vehicle for the purpose envisaged. Our offer includes:

  • asset consolidation planning, restructuring planning and implementation;
  • holding company advisory, planning and incorporation;
  • trading/business/operational company advisory, planning and incorporation;
  • private investment company advisory, planning and incorporation;
  • Swiss company incorporation and administration;
  • full-range advisory and management services to Swiss corporate entities.