Automatic exchange

The automatic exchange of information (AEI) under the Common Reporting Standard developed by OECD (CRS) is the logical outcome and the summit of the global battle against tax evasion. It provides for the systematic transmission of taxpayer information from the country in which the financial account is located to the taxpayer’s country of residence for tax purposes. The information to be shared will cover all types of accounts (i.e., private accounts, corporate accounts, insurance accounts) and the passive income generated by the assets held on the accounts (i.e., investment income, including interest, dividends, and other similar types of income). Also transferable is the information on the controlling person of the foreign entities.

MP Part can support in providing any related CRS reporting information and services, including:

  • advisory as to the information exchange procedure and the data to be shared;
  • diagnostic check of the asset structure and its impact on the information exchange under CRS;
  • proposals as to the possible actions to minimize negative effects of the CRS exchange;
  • supervision and administration of the exchange procedure (in case of the entities under administration).