Switzerland in exchange

Switzerland has committed itself to adopting the global standard on the Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) as from January 2017 and has actively supported transparency initiatives ever since. The first exchange within the framework of the AEOI was performed in 2018. Since then information has been transmitted and collected on a yearly basis. Each year the number of partner states receiving information is increasing subject to the candidate states meeting requirements on confidentiality and data security. In 2019 the Federal Tax Administration of Switzerland sent information on 3,1 million financial accounts (appr. 1 million more than in the previous year) to 63 countries, including Russian Federation. Next year, Switzerland expects to expand further to cover new information exchange partners including Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. 

MP Part can support in providing any relevant information and consultation related to information exchange with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, including:

  • advisory as to the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) rules and procedures incorporated in the legislation in Switzerland and Lichtenstein;
  • support in qualification of entities under the CRS;
  • administration and carrying out of the of the reporting under the CRS for trustee documented trusts.