Our motto

Inspired by Aarhus, 2017 European City of Culture

Recent years were marked by introduction, elaboration and tightening of various national and international tax and regulatory initiatives aimed at enhanced tax transparency and accountability. The initiatives brought the new rules, generally known as BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) action plan and sometimes locally referred to as "deoffshorisation" or "anti-offshorization". The rules were designed to make international businesses and private wealth structures transparent, to regulate tax and ownership matters. In practical terms, the new rules have completely changed the usual course of life, bringing in the “era of transparency and compliance”.

Current period is time to re-think the attitude and approaches to evolve from the past. It’s now time to picture the future - because it has already arrived.

In the new era extra care must be taken when designing, establishing and employing foreign instruments to ensure that the national & international tax rules and legal requirements have been duly considered and respected. We would be glad to guide you through.


Four steps on the way that we would be glad to share with you:

  • Revise

    what has been done so far
  • Define

    where you want to be
  • Design

    the practical solution
  • Ensure

    quality execution