Swiss based Trustee

Switzerland has been accepted as a popular and efficient trustee location due to:

  • developed banking and asset management services;
  • accepted standards of confidentiality in respect of client information;
  • quality of services of financial industry professionals;
  • central location in Europe;
  • legal certainty as to the taxation of the trusts managed out of Switzerland.

After Switzerland has joined “The Hague Convention on the Recognition of Trusts”, trusts and trustees’ position in Switzerland has been clearly established and remains unchanged. First, tax treatments of trusts and trustees has been defined and allows trust administration out of Switzerland without negative tax consequences for the structure. Besides, it has been legally fixed that trustees’ own properties and trust assets are segregated for all purposes. Finally, Swiss based trustees can be trustees of trusts for any jurisdiction which allows wide choice of trust laws to choose from.

The trustee services MP Part offers are:

  • performed in and delivered out of Switzerland, but 
  • dedicated exclusively to Russian-speaking individuals and families.