Our values added

We appreciate that our clients are very similar to us, having the same language, cultural background and mentality profile. It creates the basis for additional value we can bring in acting as trustees. We further realize that foreign concepts and widely used approaches are not necessarily compatible with our clients and their needs. We therefore stand for individualized and personalized service. 

Our approach to acting as trustee is:

  • Independently minded - we ensure no conflict of interest by being independent of any corporate provider, financial institution or investment manager;
  • Result oriented - we choose the strategy bringing best possible results to the clients in full compliance with national as well as international rules and regulations;
  • Relationship driven - we follow the objectives, circumstances and requirements of our clients and their families;
  • Exclusively focused - we deliver our trustee services exclusively to our Russian-speaking clients with short response time and efficient communication style.

MP Part acts as a professional corporate trustee in Switzerland. MP Part is a Swiss regulated financial intermediary under the supervision of the financial market authorities. Our individual team members are trained to perform trust management and administration and are members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), the global professional organization of recognized experts in trusts and succession planning.