Your trustee

Trust offers unique features, which makes it a successful rival to traditional offshore companies, especially with passive investment income.

Yet, the advantages of a trust are not easily appreciated by the perspective settlors and beneficiaries as generally people from post-soviet states have little or no trust experience and therefore are not particularly easy with the idea of the trust. 

Trust concept could nevertheless become more affordable and comfortable for such settlors and beneficiaries with a trustee or trust advisor, who

  • speaks and thinks in the language of the settlor and beneficiaries;
  • has the knowledge and understanding of the regulations applicable to the settlor and beneficiaries; and
  • approaches each trust relationship on an individual, result oriented basis.

We believe in trust and tailor our trust and trustee services to account for our clients. We understand their needs, wishes and fears. More importantly we understand the requirements of the legislation relating to trusts and trust participants.  Our service is customized to make the trust concept easier to the clients while complying with the corresponding rules and requirements. We make it our principle to ensure that both clients’ needs, and legislative requirements are followed and respected to deliver the best possible result.