Cross-border relocation is fuelled by the global mobility of businesses and people as well as the legal and social uncertainties in some jurisdictions due to political circumstances or legislative changes. Many private clients are responding to uncertainties by seeking alternative residence. They aim to diversify internationally to secure their future and the future of the next generations. The company range of relocation services comprise:
01 Relocation planning
Navigating through the relocation opportunities available internationally, clarifying immigration requirements.
Assistance in preparation and filing of the necessary documents, obtaining residence permits and/or work permits.
02 Immigration set-up
Advising on the tax residence rules and requirements, obtaining advance tax rulings where appropriate, assistance in maintaining tax compliance in the state of tax residence.
03 Tax residency
Preparing and submitting the necessary filings for the naturalization procedure or citizenship-by-investment programmes.
04 Citizenship acquisition
Assessing tax and legal consequences of acquiring real property abroad, support in the sale and purchase transactions.
05 Real-estate support
Assessing and reconciling the existing succession provisions (where necessary) due to the change of domicile.
06 Re-domiciliation