Transition of wealth from generation to generation is an inherent part of wealth planning activities and is to be carefully considered. Private clients can choose from a wide range of options. At the same time solutions employed, especially in cross-border situations, should be based on the jurisdictions involved, family composition, wealth structure and wealth owner’s wishes and intentions. Apart from passing on assets over generations, many families are also concerned about transition of family values related to the management of family businesses and family assets. MP Part succession planning services aim at successful passing on the client’s wealth over generations and include:
01 Succession design
Identifying efficient succession planning design with account to the individual’s personal circumstances, family situation and succession intentions.
Coordination and supervision of the cross-border probation procedures.
02 Cross-border inheritance
Assistance in formulating and implementation of the family governance strategy.
03 Family governance
Establishment and administration of private family foundations.
04 Private foundations
Identifying of the most appropriate trust structure, reviewing and amending the trust instrument provisions to fit the settlor’s aims and purposes.
05 Trust advisory
Acting as a professional protector or a trust advisor in the client’s trust structures.
06 Protector services