The way wealth is owned defines its risk exposure, the way it might be controlled and protected and the way it might be enjoyed. With the constant regulatory change, wealth structuring imposes significant burden on both wealth owners and practitioners but gains more importance at the same time. The traditional approach to wealth structuring is being revisited to strike a balance between statutory compliance requirements and the owner’s needs and objectives. MP Part wealth structuring services include:
Elaborating the protection objective and the various mechanisms to mitigate risk exposure
03 Asset protection
Identifying the most appropriate structure, legal instruments and governance framework to own the wealth or particular assets
04 Structure planning
Setting-up companies, private foundations or trust, establishment of other structures selected
05 Structure establishment
Implementing the design governance structure
06 Company operation
01 Risk assessment
Assessing possible risk exposure of the client’s assets in the various jurisdictions
02 International tax
Advising on the international tax matters relating to the assets, their acquisition and disposal, in the jurisdiction of their location and worldwide