Professional Trustee

In short terms a trustee may be defined as a person who:

  • manages a trust fund which is separate from his own assets;
  • acts in the interests of the beneficiaries;
  • has rights and obligations based on a trust instrument; and
  • is bound to the beneficiaries by the fiduciary duty.

Professional trustee is a trustee performing fiduciary duty in professional capacity. This broadly includes employing professional knowledge and expertise in discharging fiduciary duty, being supervised by the relevant professional body and governmental authorities and being bound by the professional ethics and code of conduct. 

MP Part acts as a professional corporate trustee for a selected number of trusted and trusting clients. MP Part is a Swiss regulated financial intermediary under the supervision of the financial market authorities. Our team members are trained to perform trust management and administration and are members of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners), the global professional organization specializing in family inheritance and succession planning.